Bimbo Yusuri (Leg Jiggling): No Need to Shake the Habit, It’s Healthy!

  • There are some people who find bimbo yusuri (fidgeting) to be annoying. However, recent studies have shown that there are health benefits that could be derived from this subconscious action.

    Recently, a British study found that bimbo yusuri reduces the risk of death among 12,778 females between ages 37 to 78 who sat for more than seven hours at a time. Those who do not engage in bimbo yusuri are 30% higher at risk compared to the groups who who sit for longer hours yet cannot let go of the habit of leg-swinging.

    What is Bimbo Yusuri?

    Bimbo yusuri is a Japanese phrase that literally means “poor shaking.” A person who keeps on fidgeting repeatedly by tapping his foot when nervous is also called “bimbo yusuri.” Perhaps some of the factors that could explain why people are jiggling their knees up and down or crossing their legs and swinging the top part of their crossed leg back and forth are nervousness and grouchiness–a feeling of being agitated.

    Improving Blood Circulation and Diabetes through Bimbo Yusuri

    According to Dr. Koki Shin of the Shin Clinic located in Tokyo’s Ota Ward, sedentary lifestyle–those that include prolonged sitting–are at higher risks for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes because it is also associated to the decreasing body metabolism, hormone secretion, and blood circulation. Thus, moving the legs when seated at a prolonged period can help prevent these negative effects of being sedentary. Studies also show that bimbo yusuri constricts and relaxes the tendons in the legs which results in better blood circulation.

    Keep that Excess Fat Burning


    Tapping the foot or swinging the legs for two hours can burn 200 kilocalories in the body which reduces the risks of diabetes and cardiovascular complications. Aside from burning excess calories in the body, doing bimbo yusuri for three minutes raises the body temperature by one degree which is equivalent to a 20-minute walk according to Professor Kagemoto Yuasa of the Department of Physical Education at Chukyo University.

    For people who are interested in trying out bimbo yusuri, below is a link of a video that promotes the bimbo yusuri diet in Japan.