Japanese Beauty Secrets: 4 Collagen Supplements for Youthful Skin

  • Asian women, the Japanese in particular, are well known for typically having lovely skin. Some of this, of course, is due to genetics and their diet. However, there are many women in Japan who swear by certain products and materials that help them achieve seemingly flawless skin, such as vitamin C products and a careful and consistent beauty regime. An example of a famous Japanese woman who is well known for looking half her age is Masako Mizutani, a middle-aged model who follows a strict diet and beauty treatment schedule to keep up her youthful look.

    Besides keeping up a balanced diet and having a regular regime, another secret of Japanese women to upkeep their lovely skin is the use of supplements such as collagen, an abundant protein that is found in muscle tissue. While some scientists claim that ingesting collagen is no different from ingesting protein powder, I am more inclined to believe the Japanese as they have some of the best skin in the world. So what are some examples of Japanese beauty supplements using collagen?

    Collagen supplements are commonly sold in the form of tablets, powder, and liquid, including drinks. Some collagen products are sourced from fish while others are sourced from pork. Here are some of the popular and best seller collagen brands in Japan.

    1. Amino Collagen by Meiji

    今じゃメジャーになった飲むタイプのコラーゲン💕 ・ 2018年で発売16年目を迎える明治のアミノコラーゲンは溶けやすいパウダータイプだから、ジュースなどの冷たい飲み物はもちろん、コーヒーやお味噌汁、スープなど温かい飲み物に入れて毎日気軽にコラーゲンを摂る事が出来ます🍹 ・ ジュースに混ぜても味の変化をほとんど感じなくてコラーゲン臭さがないから飲みやすい👍✨ ・ このにおいの少ないコラーゲンペプチドはなんと特許製造方法によって開発されているというから驚き‼️ ・ また水に溶けやすい低分子化コラーゲンで、吸収性が高い魚コラーゲンだから、効率よくコラーゲンを摂取する事が可能🙆‍♀️ ・ 実は20歳を超えるとコラーゲンは体内から急激に減少…しかも紫外線や寝不足、働き過ぎや悩みなど様々な外的ストレス、内的ストレスもコラーゲン減少の引き金になるので、年齢を重ねるとともにコラーゲンを積極的に摂取する事が大切‼️ ・ コラーゲンに対して何もアプローチしなければ、このまま減る一方なので、アンチエイジングのためにも毎日の習慣としてアミノコラーゲン続けようと思います💕💕 ・ ・ #RSP61 #サンプル百貨店 #明治 #アミノコラーゲン #飲むコラーゲン #コラーゲンドリンク #コラーゲン #明治アミノコラーゲン

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    You may have heard of the Meiji brand for their milk and also for their chocolate. Their skin product, Amino, has been around for quite some time and it is probably the most well-known brand of Japanese collagen. Some people find the fishy odor of the collagen unbearable, but I think it is tolerable.

    Amino is the best selling brand of collagen in Japan and it is also available in a “premium” version. To use it, you mix the powder into a drink and ingest it. Their “starter kit” comes with everything you need to be able to use the powder effectively and correctly.

    Amino Collagen website

    2. HTC Collagen EX Tense Up Drink by Fancl

    喝起来🍷🍷🍷 #fancl#htccollagen#beautyandthebeast#japan

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    Some people believe that the liquid version of collagen is more effective than the powder or tablet form, so I tried the Fancl HTC Collagen EX Tense Up Drink and I think it is most probably true. I noticed that my skin became slightly pinker when I took this collagen for about two weeks. Unfortunately, it is too expensive for me so I just use collagen powder of other brands.

    This collagen is derived from pork, so take care not to use it if you cannot use pork products. If you are looking for an effective brand and you have a high enough budget, check out this drink. Fancl also offers collagen in tablet and powder form.

    Fancl website *Japanese only

    3. The Collagen by Shiseido

    Shiseido is a trusted Japanese brand that sells all kinds of beauty and skincare products ranging from makeup to anti-aging products to sun care and even men’s products. Therefore, it makes sense that they also have their own version of skin-boosting collagen.

    I like the Shiseido collagen powder more than the Meiji one as it has less of a fishy odor. It also dissolves more easily in drinks. There are several types of collagen offered by Shiseido, including Rich Rich and Relacle. More information is available on their website.

    Shiseido collagen website

    4. Mollcolla by Suntory

    You might have heard of Suntory before if you have spent any time in Japan. They are one of the biggest companies in the country for the production of whiskey as well as soft drinks, bottled water and tea, wine, and health foods. It makes sense, then, that they also have their own collagen product.

    Suntory Micolla Collagen is the best tasting collagen powder I have tried as it has a slightly milky taste. It is, however, more expensive than many other brands of collagen powder, so, unfortunately, I had to stop taking it. Pork collagen is also used in this product.

    Millcolla website

    Women around the world continue to use recommended products in the hopes of improving their skin’s coloring, smoothness, and suppleness. Collagen is a great way to go to give your body the protein it needs to improve your skin quality. Drinking plenty of water, eating fruit with high Vitamin C content, avoiding alcohol and cigarettes, and getting plenty of sleep are other important factors in maintaining lovely skin like the Japanese. Using these products the recommended amount and frequency as well as maintaining other healthy lifestyle choices will help you on your way to smoother, nicer skin. Have you tried any of the above collagen supplements, or are there any other brands that you frequently use? Which one is your favourite?

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