4 Wagyu Dishes Every Meat Lover Must Try When in Japan

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  • Are you up for a food adventure in Japan? Then make sure not to miss the Wagyu (Japanese beef) dishes which are cooked in various ways for you to enjo — in a hotpot, as a steak or sushi.

    Wagyu beef, and especially the Kobe Beef, has become famously known worldwide for its quality so much that even US President Barrack Obama decided to try the meat. Because Wagyu cattle are taken special care of, they produce tender, rich flavored meat which gives you that melts-in-your-mouth feeling. Doesn’t matter if you prefer rich flavor, light healthy meal, or just simple grilled Wagyu beef pieces, Japan’s restaurants got you covered. So here are four Wagyu dishes that will surely boost your appetite.



    Although the cooking style of sukiyaki in Western Japan is different from the Eastern region, this hotpot (nabe) dish is a sure-fire winner as it uses thinly sliced beef flavored with soy sauce, sugar, dashi, and rice wine collectively known as warishita (sukiyaki sauce). The beef is slowly cooked with the vegetables and is then dipped in a raw egg sauce which gives it a mild balanced flavor. Sukiyaki is generally considered to be a winter food, but there are many good restaurants that serve sukiyaki in Kanto and Kansai regions throughout year.



    The sauce is less sweet than sukiyaki, and the beef strips and vegetables used are thinner than sukiyaki. The beef and vegetables are quickly dipped in a simmering broth and are dipped again in a sauce before they are eaten. It is said that shabu-shabu brings out the true flavor and the tender and delicate texture of Wagyu. You can also add ground sesame seeds or citrus fruit juices to the sauce.

    Wagyu Steak


    A steak may be grilled, pan fried or broiled. However, grilling is the most common technique used in cooking meat in order for it to retain the rich flavor. It is the proper grilling of steak that reveals the true rich and savory flavor of the Wagyu beef.



    Sushi is often made with seafood. But, there are sushi and yakiniku restaurants in Japan that serve the best raw Wagyu beef nigiri-zushi. Only the highest-quality Wagyu beef is used for nigiri-zushi. It has marble-like texture and is extremely soft and thin-sliced, this raw meat dish will literally melt in your mouth!

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