The Rise of Social Media: 3 Popular Japanese Apps to Stay Connected

  • Social media has become part and parcel of one’s daily life nowadays. Ever since the internet revolution began, the need to interact with others has led to social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatzApp and others. Here are some Japanese social media applications which one should know about as well.


    This is the most popular mobile social media applications used for sending text messages and making free calls. It is very popular among Japanese youth and it started in 2011. It began as a means of communication during the Tohoku earthquake and spread all over Japan within a short time. It has a desktop chat version as well and it has several cool features such as stickers, emoji, games etc. It has become so popular in Japan that it is no exaggeration if I said people have started to share their LINE ID as basic contact details. LINE is more popular than Facebook and Twitter in Japan and many more are joining LINE as well.



    Pronounced as ‘mikushi’, this can be compared to the Japanese version of Facebook when it comes to design and the way of communication. Started in 2004, it is one of the oldest social media networks in Japan and it has been the leader until a few years back. It has been beaten by the rise of LINE and Facebook in Japan. The headquarters of mixi is in Shibuya, Tokyo. Mixi Inc. is the owner of the famous game ‘Monster Strike’ which took android gaming by storm.



    Japan is a gamer`s paradise. Launched in 2006, Mobage is mainly a Japanese gaming platform with an opportunity for game developers to develop games using its Application Program Interface (API). Mobage is available not only in Japan but also in China and US. Though gaming is the main feature of this network, subscribers can chat or blog or listen to music. It is a mobile-only social media platform.

    Apart from these, there are other popular social media applications such as GREE, Ameba and so on. Almost every Japanese social media application is fun and cool to use. They are very animated and colorful with a lot of features.

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