Introducing Gudetama and Kirimi-chan, New Additions to the Sanrio Family!

  • When mentioning Sanrio, one would most likely remember the adorable Hello Kitty and some of her equally famous friends such as My Melody, Little Twin Stars and Keroppi. But did you know that recently, there are two newer characters that have been making their presence felt just as strongly? Welcome, Kirimi-chan and Gudetama.



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    Firstly, let me introduce you to little Kirimi-chan, the salmon character with hands and legs. Ok, some would say that she is kawaii but some would say she is creepy. Who would have thought that one of Japan’s favourite foods would end up being such a kawaii character?


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    Kirimi-chan definitely earns her right to be developed into Sanrio’s products as she won the online survey poll for cutest edible mascots. Apart from Kirimi-chan, there are also her fellow friends from the fish variations such as Saba-kun and Kamaboko-chan.



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    The second new character is the adorable Gudetama, the lazy egg character who doesn’t want to do anything at all (だらだら). Among these two characters, I would say that Gudetama is more popular. Why would I say so? This is because apart from Sanrio products, there are also Gudetama cafes open for limited times here and there throughout Japan. There was one in HEP5 Umeda and I went there to check out the place.


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    I was really amazed with the creative decorations in the shop and also the presentation of the food as well. The price there might be a little pricey but hey, it is a one in a lifetime experience, so why not try it? So, what is so interesting about this character that one can’t help liking him? Possibly he likes lazing around doing nothing (don’t all of us feel that way most of the time?) And he is particularly cute when he tries to hide in his blanket (which is a piece of ham) when he does not want to wake up or when he is feeling cold.


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    So, what are your opinions of this two new popular characters?

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