Bizarre Japanese Inventions: The Lap Pillow

  • Japan is a place where anything seems to be possible and when it comes to amusement, it normally exceeds everyone`s expectations. There are some companies which are producing so-called ‘Lap Pillows’ for loners and insomniacs in Japan.


    The Invention

    The first company which developed this lap pillow is ‘Trane Corporation (not the AC manufacturer)’ and it made headlines all over the world for its unique invention. They claim that their invention is useful for many people out there who want comfort and to overcome a never-ending feeling of loneliness. Shaped like a beautiful woman kneeling in a miniskirt, this cushion-like pillow might make you sleep fast. This pillow is available on Rakuten or Amazon and it is often one of the most sold-out items. As there are women thighs for men to have a sound sleep, there are men’s arms for sale for lonely women out there. If these are not your type, maybe you should buy a ‘Hug Pillow’ instead where a human length pillow is available for a cuddly sleep.

    Arm pillow for women
    Similar products
    There are different types of pillows for the young and old which come in various designs. Some of them look like sushi, shrimp, anime characters and so on. They are designed in that way to attract different customers who would like to rest their weary heads. The growing sales and popularity across the world show that there is a huge demand for these products. There are some people who think this trend is not good for humanity, but it depends on individual needs. It is a fact that most everyone wants to have a boyfriend or girlfriend and people could not wait for their Prince Charming or Cinderella to come into their lives. Those days are behind us. Lap pillows or hug pillows or security pillows or whatever you call them, undoubtedly show how the world hates to be alone.

    You can easily buy these pillows even in the airport duty-free shops and carry them home.

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