10 Must-Listen Utada Hikaru Songs You Should Check Out!

  • Utada Hikaru (宇多田ヒカル) is easily one of the most popular Japanese artists and her popularity is highly attributed to her talent in making music. Her single, First Love is popular across Asia. Her contributions to the theme songs (Sanctuary and Simple of Clean) of the Kingdom Hearts game make her more well-known in the West. These are some other songs of Utada Hikaru which you cannot miss out on listening.

    1. Blue

    Apparently, the album Ultra Blue did not do as well as her other albums but I love the single, Blue very much!

    2. You Make Me Want to be a Man

    When I first heard the title and did not pay attention to the lyrics, I thought it was a lesbian story where she fell for a girl and wanted to be a man so that she could be with the girl. Turns out, the song is about her wanting to be a man so she could understand her husband.

    3. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence – FYI

    It seems like a weird title which does not have anything to do with the lyrics but Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence is actually the title of the tune by Ryuichi Sakamoto in which Utada sampled in her FYI song.

    4. Final Distance

    Final Distance is a sadder form of Distance which is another song by Utada Hikaru. Distance has a more upbeat tune while Final Distance is a much more emotional ballad. Final Distance was recorded as a tribute to a young girl, a fan of Utada who died in the Osaka school massacre.

    5. Beautiful World

    Beautiful World is the theme song for the anime Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone. Is it just me or does virtually every Utada song seems suitable for anime?

    6. Apple and Cinnamon


    Apple and cinnamon are known to be a great tasting combination of food. The song is about a relationship with strong “chemistry like apple and cinnamon” but alas, it is “just too good to last”.

    7. This One (Crying Like A Child)

    Utada is a big fan of Freddie Mercury of Queen and this is one of her few songs which has a reference to Freddie in the lyrics.

    8. Stay Gold


    The title Stay Gold is a reference to the popular phrase “Stay Gold, Ponyboy” in the novel, The Outsiders. The background music in the song is stunning!

    9. Eternally

    This is the song used in the drama Innocent Love which starred Horikita Maki. I find this song has a similar quality to First Love.

    10. Automatic

    This is a really old song by Utada but I didn’t like it back then. After listening to it recently, I have grown to like it. The music video is a bit funny to watch due to the 90s fashion and technology.

    There are many other gems by Utada Hikaru and I would suggest you to listen to all her albums. She gave birth in July 2015 so it might take some time for her to release the next album, so sit back and indulge in these classics!

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