Can’t Get Enough LINE? Learn About the LINE Friends Stores in Harajuku and Sendai!

  • We all must have known or used LINE already. LINE is a popular mobile instant messaging application used by Japanese youth. It has many eye-catching features such as stickers, emoji etc. The huge collection of amazing friendly animated stickers is one of the main reasons why it has gotten so well woven into the social fabric of Japanese.

    Need for a store

    Generally, many apps do not seem to run customized stores anywhere in the world. You rarely would find a Facebook Farm Ville Store or a Twitter Bird Shop owned by Facebook or Twitter themselves. But hey, surprise, it is Japan where there are many stores named after something popular like an app. From theme cafes to toys, there are many such things in Japan run by the companies themselves. It is a direct way of marketing which actually attracts many people. You would be surprised by the numbers visiting these stores. There are Gundam cafes, Pokemon stores and so on owned directly by the franchises. LINE`s growing popularity would be added to even more with its own line of stores.

    Locations and Contents

    LINE opened its first themed store in Harajuku, Tokyo on December 13th, 2014 with unique ambiance and a huge collection of toys, plushie characters, costumes and other souvenir items including food. Some of them are popular sticker characters such as Brown, Cony and friends and others. It gets even more cozy with customized cups, cutlery, furniture, and clothing. This store has gotten an immense response from fans. LINE has another store in the city of Sendai. These stores are open every day of the year and are conveniently located for you to have a visit. They are called ‘LINE Friends Store’ and they have very welcoming staff too. If you do not like a product for any particular reason and if undamaged, then you can return it within 10 days in the same store without any hassle. You can get an exchange or refund depending on the case.

    So, if you find yourself in the aforementioned locations, do not forget to visit these ‘kawaii’ LINE stores.

    Harajuku Access
    Sendai Access

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