5 Reasons Why Attack On Titan is So Popular

  • The Attack on Titan anime gained popularity so quickly that a movie adaptation was created in due time. It is an anime centered on the war between humans and giants known as titans. These are some of the reasons why I think Attack on Titan is so well-received.

    1. It is not so predictable.

    In a way, it is like Game of Thrones where unexpected characters would die or get injured to the point of becoming disabled but Attack on Titan is much more forgiving in that area. At least none of my favorite major characters have died or are maimed yet.

    2. It is slightly gory.

    If you haven’t figured it out already, the humans and giants are at war because the giants keep munching on the humans. People seem to have interest in stories which are gory to acceptable levels such as The Walking Dead and The Game of Thrones.

    3. The anime is pretty fast-paced.

    The Attack on Titan anime follows pretty closely to the manga. The main anime is not draggy and does not have any filler episodes so far but of course, it still has some slight differences from the manga. In episode 1, you would already see the titans in action which makes you want to watch the next episode.

    4. None of the main characters are annoying.

    The main characters consist of 2 guys and a girl which are Eren, Armin and Mikasa. Usually in this kind of setting, the female character would be somewhat weak, whiny and annoying. Thankfully, this is not the case with Attack on Titan.

    5. The anime looks pretty well made.

    The art style is attractive and the movement of the characters is fluid. This anime is definitely not simply put up together.

    The season 2 of Attack on Titan anime will be aired in 2016. It is such a long wait from Season 1. If you can’t wait for it and are eager to know about the further plot, you can always read the manga which is still ongoing.

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