Get Ready to Soar with USJ’s Upcoming Record Breaking Ride!

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  • If you’re into high-speed attractions like roller coasters, it is easy to satisfy your need for thrills in Japan. You can pick from several large amusement parks featuring some of the world’s wildest rides. The most famous one is probably Tokyo Disneyland, but especially if you are looking for faster rides places like Fuji-Q Highland a bit outside of Tokyo, and Universal Studios near Osaka are places that you shouldn’t skip when you happen to be in the area.


    Coming Soon: The Flying Dinosaur


    Universal Studios Japan has been faring very well ever since the introduction of the “Universal Cool Japan” and “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” rides. The Osaka theme park was bombarded continuously with waves of both domestic and foreign tourists who a worthy competitor of its Disney counterpart. Universal Studios Japan’s exponential increase in ability to attract more customers will continue even further in 2016 as the movie-themed park is preparing to open an exciting new roller coaster based on one of Universal Studios’ most iconic franchises, Jurassic Park.

    2015: Still Under Construction


    The name of the attraction has been confirmed to be “The Flying Dinosaur.” As the name suggests, it will be a “flying coaster,” where riders are secured under a suspended car, providing them with a flying sensation. The attraction follows the story of 2015’s box office hit ‘Jurrasic World’, in which Jurassic Park researchers are attempting to use Pteranodons (as seen in 2015’s box office hit, Jurassic World) as a method of transport, despite their aggressive nature.

    The brand new coaster will be located in the Jurassic Park segment, just next to the already operating “Jurassic Park The Ride”, making it the second attraction within the area. When finished, “The Flying Dinosaur” will hold a new record: it will be the longest flying roller coaster in the world.

    When Can I Go?


    For those who are visiting Universal Studios Japan, you might already catch a glimpse of this thrill machine. “The Flying Dinosaur” is expected to open in the spring of 2016. So thrill seekers had better prepare themselves: save up some cash, book a ticket, reserve a hotel somewhere in Osaka and head to Universal Studios Japan from spring 2016!

    Click here to visit the ride’s official website.

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