3 Things That Will Keep You Warm This Winter!

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  • We are now in mid-November and the temperature is starting to drop to the point of feeling the cold weather. In Japan, the temperature can drastically drop but don’t fret, there are many practical things you can do to stay warm.

    From the most traditional way to the most common ones, Japan has it all covered for you. Check the following out to put them into use in your daily life in Japanese winter.

    Body Warming Products


    Electricity prices can go sky high during the winter season in Japan due to the number of appliances used to warm you up. But recently a popular way to cut electricity costs have been rounding about, body warming products. These products can come in many forms from gloves, blankets and even slippers. Keeping up with technology these products now have USBs and you can stay warm with these by connecting it to a computer. Also popular are portable heating pads which heat up when exposed to air called Hokkairo.


    Hot Springs


    Nothing beats the cold weather like staying warm by taking a dip in a hot spring. Japan is home to thousands of hot springs, and you can see beautiful views of snow from these springs during winter. One of the beautiful onsen is Kita Onsen in Tochigi where you can relax and look at the snow. At the same time, Kita Onsen is close to Tokyo for those who want to take a side trip there.

    Winter Food


    There are many popular foods in Japan during the winter season. Some of the most well-known are nabe (or hotpot), oden and also sukiyaki. But did you know that there is one ingredient which is well used during the winter season? Ginger. It is used in cooking to warm the body and is also good in aiding blood circulation. There are also specialty ginger restaurants in Japan and if you live in Tokyo, you can also check out Shouga no Kaori in Roppongi where they serve ginger with every dish.

    It is important to keep warm during the cold months to prevent catching a cold too! So make sure to make these preparations ahead of time!

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