3 Classy Souvenirs to Really Impress Your Loved Ones!

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  • Finding the perfect souvenir for your family and friends is a hard decision to make. There are many things you can give them ranging from food, handicrafts and even clothing. However, have you ever thought of which souvenir your family and friends would really appreciate?

    If you’re planning a trip to Japan and would like to give them something memorable from the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, then this article will provide you with three extraordinary souvenir ideas and where you can find them, specifically around the Tokyo area. You might just want to take some home for yourself too!

    Japanese Castle Model Kits

    A great souvenir for those who love history and Japan! Japanese castles are spread all throughout the country and are popular historical landmarks. While there aren’t any Japanese castle model kits being sold from these landmarks themselves, you can find them in stores such as Yamada Denki branches, Tokyu Hands in Shibuya and Asobit City in Akihabara also sells an assortment of items. These castle model kits may be a bit hefty in price for a souvenir, ranging from 3000 to 5000 yen but having a personal Japanese castle displayed in a room makes it worth the price.

    Japanese Kimonos

    There is no doubt that many foreigners are captivated by the beauty of the Japanese Kimono. Some would want to buy them as souvenirs, but not many are willing to spend a hundred thousand yen for it. Buying from a used kimono store or an antique shop is a good option but how are you able to buy a kimono of good quality for a reasonable price? Check out the Antique Mall Ginza, they offer a variety of quality vintage kimonos for as low as 2000 yen. They also have friendly staff who will help you in matching the kimono and obi.

    Antique Mall Ginza Website

    Sakura and Momiji Bonsai Sets

    A unique souvenir is a Sakura or Momiji Bonsai Set. Bonsai is an ancient Japanese gardening art where you shape the limbs and trunks. Sakura and Momiji represent the Spring and Autumn seasons in Japan and is a very popular time for visitors to Japan during its peak.

    Imagine growing your own mini Sakura or Momiji bonsai set. So, check out Oriental Bazaar in Shibuya to get your hands on one. It’s also a unique souvenir to your family and friends who haven’t been to Japan yet!

    Oriental Bazaar Website

    Getting a souvenir is always fun and what more if you can take home a memory of Japan with you and share the experience!

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