Macho 29 Cafe: Get Your Beefy Guys While They Last!

  • Japan is known for seemingly wild food pairings. In a country where it is common to see a whole slice of cheesecake wrapped in a pancake stuck on a stick, next to black burgers and cafes dedicated to the girlfriend experience (aka maid cafes), it’s not surprising to see the next iteration in the form of Macho cafes.

    What are macho cafes? It’s a restaurant serving up beef with beefcake! A seasonal group called Macho 29 serves quality Japanese beef to their customers with very buff, muscled waiters. Located in Tokyo, the waiters pose and flex serving up beef yakiniku style, or rare ready to be grilled. The core idea of the restaurant is to build muscle, hence the protein filled menu. It even has a drink consisting of pure eggs to stay within the muscle building theme.


    Fittingly the restaurant has a popular and ever-loyal following. They are open only during certain times of the year. Lines have become so long that they have instituted a number system to avoid confusion. They even have branched into serving shaved ice during the hot summer season. For an extra surcharge you can have a 15-minute conversation with your server and there is even an option of the “wall of meat” where you are surrounded by your well-muscled servers as you are eating.

    Macho 29 consists of a revolving roster of around a dozen men from 20-40 years old and even sponsored by a protein powder brand to keep those muscles toned. Recently there has been an idol music group from Macho 29 that made their debut in Shibuya this past April. Along with their female idol music counterparts they have strict rules of no alcohol, no violence, no smoking, inhale oxygen, and drink protein. Their debut song called Viva Macho was an instant hit with their fans!

    For the whole muscle man experience, make sure to click the link below and see where and what they are up to next. Itadakimasu! And happy viewing!

    Macho 29*Automatic translation

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