Love LINE Friends? Then Check Out its Fun Little Anime Series!

  • Nowadays Line Friends are becoming more and more known to the general public while some people have only just known them through the communicating device Line Naver. But how popular are they in Japan?

    Line Anime Series

    Line Town or Line Offline begun its first episode in Japan last January 2014. It is an animated, three-minute series based on the working life of the Line characters. Here are some of the characters.


    Moon, a round shaped headed man who loves the moon and video games.


    Brown, a male poker face bear who likes the character, Cony.


    Cony, a female rabbit who likes to go on a diet.


    James, a man with blonde hair and loves himself so dearly.


    Sally, a yellow chick who likes to sing and help her friends.


    Jessica, Cony’s best friend. Loves fashion and cooking.


    Boss, bald middle-aged man who appears in different characters in the series.


    Leonard, a boy frog who loves to sing on rainy days. He refers to Brown as his elder brother.


    Edward, the workaholic green worm and the bravest among the group.

    As of this moment, Line Offline has 114 Episodes which can be seen in different video hosting websites such as, and Youtube.

    Line Shops

    Japan’s first Line Friends Store opened last December 13, 2014 in Harajuku Tokyo, while their second store opened in Sendai in 2015. The Sendai store is now closed (as of 2017) and they have opened a new store in Fukuoka. If you are a Line Fanatic, you will surely go crazy with merchandise they are selling. From line stuff toy, clothes, jewelries to kitchen stuff they all have it. Kawaii!!

    Harajuku Access
    Sendai Access

    Line Games and Family Applications

    Can’t get enough of Line Characters’ cuteness? There are 17 Line games you can play. The 17 Line games include Line Ranger, Line Bubble 1 and 2, Line Pop 1 and 2, Line Dozer and Line Toys.
    My favorite characters are Brown, Cony and Sally. How about you?

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