Why Universal Studios Japan is One of the Best Theme Parks

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  • Everyone loves a good day out to a theme park, it sparks excitement and thrills in us that makes it hard to sleep the night before. There’s the childhood nostalgia that comes with going on rides that both scare and excite as well as having an excuse to eat lots of yummy park food. However theme parks can all start to look the same after awhile but I’m here to tell you why Universal Studios Osaka is a theme park you simply must do at least once.

    Disneyland is based on Disney and characters entertaining guests whereas Universal is a little different. Being based around Universal’s many popular movie franchises you get to enjoy the thrill of amazing rides such as surviving a boat ride through Amity bay and an encounter with Jaws to a trip through time in the De Lorean with Doc and Marty McFly in Back to the Future! Many of these rides are aimed more towards the big kid in us all and have a somewhat realistic approach to them that just gets your heart racing. Not to mention with the newly opened Wizarding World of Harry Potter, all you die hard potter fans can enjoy strolling through a lovingly recreated Hogsmeade Village where wands and school uniforms for a trip through a gigantic Hogwarts castle can be purchased. That’s not to say there aren’t rides for the little ones to go on too, there are many themed around Hello Kitty, Snoopy and even Sesame Street to keep everyone entertained.


    When you’re not running from ride to ride, there are plenty of shops to stop at and pick up souvenirs. There are sorting hats and wands to collect while visiting Hogsmeade to character hats and snoopy ears. You can get key chains, shirts, pens and sweets. Basically you name it, you can probably find it in one of the many stores around the park. Did I mention that you can even get a minion doll? because you know that it’s not a real trip without a minion to take home. The park also has many characters wandering around which you can get photos with as well as special photo opportunity spots where staff help take souvenir photos which you can purchase later (the staff are amazing too and will even take a photo with your own camera for you too if you wish to save some money so don’t be afraid to line up too!).

    Lastly, Universal Studios is a must do because the park has one of the best entrances you’ll find. From the moment you arrive at the station and walk out your greeted by an expansive shopping street full of restaurants and entertain shops. Think T.G.I.F and other American like food stops as well as character statues and colourful buildings. It’ll be hard not to get distracted while just making your way to the entrance of the park itself. Once you do get in though, you’ll be greeted by the spinning world globe which Universal is well known for.


    So of course the first thing for anyone visiting Universal is to get a photo taken in front of the spinning globe to prove to everyone that you visited one of the best parks in Japan.

    Universal Studios Japan

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