3 Types of Japanese Rice Crackers That Will Haunt Your Nightmares

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  • Japanese rice crackers known as “senbei” are tasty, crispy, and addictive! But what about the flavors below? They are sure to either enlighten your senbei-eating experience or haunt your nightmares…

    1. Wasps senbei (地蜂せんべい)

    In Japanese, this is called Jibachi Senbei. This unique rice cracker is produced in Omachi, Japan. Wasps have been consumed in some parts of Japan since the Edo period. Insects are known to be a good source a protein so this wasps senbei must be no exception. The amount of wasps in the senbei seems pretty generous, like the amount of chocolate chips you wish you had in your cookies. Great as an on-the-go protein snack!

    2. Giant isopod senbei (オオグソクムシせんべい)


    What in the world are giant isopods?

    Nope, those are not creatures that have gone extinct long ago. The giant isopods can be found in the depths of Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. This senbei was first manufactured by a group of deep-sea fisherman under the lead of Kazutaka Hasegawa. These crackers are sold at some aquariums in Japan and some gift shops in Akihabara, Tokyo. The taste is said to be similar to other crustaceans such as prawns and crabs.
    3. Sea urchin senbei (ウニせんべい)


    This one actually seems pretty delicious. That’s because I have tried sea urchins (uni in Japanese) in Japan before, which was really good. Sea urchins taste sweet and have a soft texture. Sea urchins are a common delicacy in Japan and you can easily find them as sushi or sashimi in various restaurants!

    Would you dare to try the aforementioned rice crackers? I don’t think I am too keen on wasps, so I would pass on that one. I would not want parts of their bodies to be stuck between my teeth. Among these 3 flavors of senbei presented, I believe that the sea urchin senbei is the safest buy and is guaranteed to taste decent, at least since I like the taste of sea urchins!

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