Let’s Discover the Fashion city Harajuku

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  • Harajuku in Tokyo is the one of a kind of fashion city in the world. There are so many tailor’s shops, second-hand clothing stores, vintage stores and boutiques that carry a wide selection of fashionable products from different brands. And also it is a concept of teenage cultures and fashion. But Harajuku is a nice place to go to even if you are not in your teens.

    Takeshita street

    Takeshita street is full of people, especially young ones almost all the time. You can get some kawaii stuff for a cheap price there. When you go there on an empty stomach, you can grab some light foods at crepe stands or fast food shops. It is better to go on Sunday so you will see lots of fancy cosplayers.



    Omotesando is the main street of Harajuku. In this treed lined street, you can find big-name brands, restaurants and cafes with a chilled atmosphere. There are also stylish big shopping malls such as Omotesando hills, LaForet Harajuku and Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku. Kiddy land which has thousands of unique and fancy toys not only for kids but also for adults.


    Cat street

    There is a narrow but long street that is called Cat street running through Shibuya to the middle of Omotesando. This street is very modern and vibrant. You can find many small shops and cafes here. Cat Street is considered to be Ura-Harajuku. Not only this street, but side streets have interesting shops too.


    Meiji jingu(Shrine)

    As other attraction, Meiji Jingu (Meiji Shrine) is one of the famous Shinto shrines in Japan. It is in the west of the Harajuku station beside green oasis Yoyogi park. Meiji Jingu’s construction started in 1915 and completed in 1921.


    Yoyogi park

    Yoyogi park was the athletes village in 1964 when the Tokyo Olympics was held. A lot of people visit the park to enjoy the cherry blossoms (Hanami) in spring.


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