Discover the Beauty of Rural Ishikawa: 3 Fantastic Destinations

  • Ishikawa Prefecture is located on the coast of the Sea of Japan. It is dominated by textile industry, such as artificial fabrics, and machine industry, such as construction machinery. The largest tourist attraction in the area is Kanazawa, which is also the capital of prefecture. But apart from it, there are many more popular destinations to choose from. Here are three of the most noteworthy ones in this area…



    Kaga is a city located in the southwest of Ishikawa. It has an estimated population of 73,492. It used to be an old province in Japan and was sometimes called Kashu. It was founded as an old temple town but was later on greatly developed into a city by the Maeda clan. As of today, it is still an essential location when it comes to temples and hot springs. This place is truly blessed with grand nature perfect for getaways.



    Nanao is the fifth largest city in Ishikawa population-wise. It was the ancient capital of Noto Province, an old province in Japan. Like Kaga, it has several hot spring locations. The place may offer only a few tourist attractions, but it has amazing views of nature! It is quite a peaceful place where you can observe the locals leading a simple countryside lifestyle.

    The climate in Nanao is wet and unpredictable so you have to be carrying an umbrella with you at any time. Ishikawa is notorious for its cloudy weather and rain showers all year round.


    The third largest city by population in Ishikawa is Komatsu. It is widely known for its main airport Komatsu. It is the largest airport in Hokuriko region and also serves the southern portion of Ishikawa Prefecture. During World War II, it was the original base of the Imperial Japanese Navy. However, during the end of the war in 1945, the United States Armed Forces took over the base. In 1958, the base was handed over to Japanese Air Self-Defense Force, which now share the runway with civil aviation.

    These are just a few of the popular and interesting places in Ishikawa Prefecture. It always pays off to invest time and thought in deciding your next travel destination. It will greatly affect your happiness and overall experiences in Japan. So why not travel through Ishikawa? Enjoy!

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