4 Hairstyles Rocked By Miyavi to Inspire Your Next Salon Visit

  • Miyavi (雅) is known to have changed his hairstyles many times over the years. Most of the time, his hairstyles are unique and over-the-top styles that most average people would not have. These are some of my favorite hairstyles from Miyavi:

    1. The Undercut

    Miyavi has been sporting various versions of short hairstyles in recent years. The main reason he cut his hair short was due to instructions from Angelina Jolie who wanted his hair to be short for the film Unbroken. Great advice, Angelina! Miyavi looks great in this haircut which is not over-the-top. It looks casual, smart, mature, and cool on him. Even my friends who are not into Miyavi think he looks charming with short hair. I think many guys would be able to pull off this hairstyle which is not very high maintenance.

    2. Blue hair

    I like to see guys with blue hair, like T.O.P. from Big Bang once had in the music video Fantastic Baby. Blue hair just seems to have an ethereal, other-worldly quality. Miyavi had this blue hairstyle in the music video for his song, Jibun Kakumei. Unfortunately, he did not have blue hair for long. The color was probably just too hard for him to maintain.

    3. Grey / Silver hair

    I like this hairstyle of his, as he looks like Kadaj from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children!

    Miyavi sported the hairstyle in the music video for Girls, Be Ambitious which was released in 2002 while Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was released in 2005. Could this mean there is a possibility that Kadaj’s hairstyle was inspired by Miyavi’s hairstyle?

    4. The Shoulder-length hairstyle with curls at the bottom

    I think this haircut makes him look so… Japanese? I know some people will think it looks slightly effeminate but in my opinion, he is one of the few guys who can pull off a shoulder-length hairstyle really well. He looks like a modern and creative hairstylist. Miyavi had this hairstyle in his music video, Secret which was released in 2013.

    Overall, I am not a fan of really outrageous hairstyles from Miyavi. I prefer him to have short to medium hairstyles rather than long ones. Which Miyavi hairstyle is your favourite?

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