4 Reasons to Love Nara Shikamaru so Much You Wish He was Real

  • Nara Shikamaru (奈良シカマル) is a fictional character in the popular ninja-based series, Naruto. Imagine if characters of anime or manga came to real life; that would be a dream come true for many anime and manga fans.

    Shikamaru is one of the most popular and well-liked characters among fans of the Naruto series. I am certain he would be a really cool friend to have in real life too. Here is why.

    1. Laid back

    I like laid back people. They kind of exude a tranquil aura that makes you reconsider why you need to be so tense and anxious about life when you can just chill and enjoy looking at the drifting, hypnotizing clouds. After all, life is short. Shikamaru is the laidback friend you need to endure life at a peaceful pace.

    2. Non-judgemental

    Shikamaru is best friends with Choji, an overweight character that eats a lot. Since Shikamaru doesn’t mind Choji’s appearance and has always supported and stood up for Choji, Shikamaru seems like a darn good person who would befriend the underdogs in society instead of befriending people based on superficial reasons.

    3. Intelligent

    It is known in the Naruto series that Shikamaru is exceptionally intelligent with an IQ of over 200 which qualifies as a genius. Do you know how useful intelligent people are? Shikamaru would be able to help you ace exams or help solve whatever problems that require intelligent input. He might be lazy, but he cares about his friends so I am pretty sure he would be willing to help you if you are ever in trouble.

    4. Successful traits

    Masashi Kishimoto, the mangaka of Naruto, stated that Shikamaru is the ideal candidate to marry as chances are, he would be successful in life. Even if you don’t get to marry him, hanging around with successful friends would also bring you benefits, such as more opportunities to meet successful people. Talk about networking! Since Shikamaru is so lazy, he might even hire you to do some tasks for him that he thinks are too troublesome to handle!

    Do you have a friend like Shikamaru in real life? That would be amazing as you have found a friendship you should treasure!

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