2 Hidden Gems to Visit in Osaka Away From the Hustle and Bustle

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  • The common replies that we usually hear when asked by people regarding the attractions in Osaka, one usually suggest places such as Osaka Castle, Dotonbori, Universal Studio Japan or even Umeda Sky Building. However, did you know that there are other nice, lesser-known attractions as well?

    Suigetsu Park (水月公園)


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    The first gem I would like to introduce would be the Suigetsu Park, which is located about a 20 minutes walkable distance from either Ishibashi or Ikeda station. Unlike the more famous park in Osaka – Banpaku Kinen Koen – Suigetsu Park has its own charm to offer.


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    Suigetsu Park is definitely very memorable with the structure of the Chinese pagoda and Japanese-like garden. Two of the best times to visit this park to enjoy the flowers would be during the ume season (end of February-beginning of March) and iris season (beginning of June). During the weekends of both seasons, there may be events on, such as tea ceremonies being held there. 


    Also, if you get lucky, you might also be able to enjoy seeing the park with the grounds covered with snow. Plus, there is no entrance fee for this park, isn’t that cool?


    Ikeda Castle (池田城)


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    The second less known gem would be Ikeda Castle, located just 15 minutes from Ikeda station. There are some signs along the way there, so, one should not get lost easily. This renovated castle is not very huge, just a two-storey building with a nice Japanese style garden.


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    When I went there, there were not many people in comparison with the crowd at Osaka castle, allowing me to relax and enjoy the view of Ikeda city from the top floor of the castle. Just like Suigetsu Park, the entrance is free too. And if you visit the castle during the weekends and holidays, there will be some volunteers to guide you around if you want.


    So, why not pay these two lovely gems a visit if you have time to spare in Osaka.

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