Relive Your Youth and Enjoy Lunch Like a School Kid at Kyushoku Toban

  • Have you ever wondered what Japanese children are served for lunch at school? The Japanese know it, and there are many foreign English teachers who do so too. But how about for those people who don’t?

    Japanese School Lunch System

    For starters, the lunch that the children are provided with is called, “Kyushoku” which is paid for with their monthly fees. These are made within the school kitchen or kyushoku centers, and generally these meals are well balanced and provide the necessary nutritional requirements for school children. A typical meal consists of rice, a fish or meat dish, soup, milk, and fruit for dessert.

    Kyushoku Touban

    Japanese school children are actually taught to take charge of “Kyushoku Touban” where they serve the meals for their classmates, with some schools letting children wear coats and caps. They eat in the classrooms with their classmates and teacher and then return the trays they have eaten with. The Kyushoku Touban are also the ones who lead in saying “Itadakimasu”.

    Brasserie Kyushoku Toban

    If you want to experience the feel of eating like a Japanese grade schooler, there is actually a place where you can do just that. Kyushoku Toban, a unique restaurant located in the Okachimachi area serves food in Japanese kyushoku style. The grown ups can get to relive the feeling of their younger school days with food being served on trays.

    Another unique concept with the Kyushoku Toban is the recreation of a Japanese elementary school classroom on the second floor of the restaurant. The theme was made in order to have a place where busy workers can reminisce about their childhood and feel nostalgic about it.

    Kyushoku Toban offers a variety of food to choose from aside from the set school meals. They also offer a la carte, fried foods, desserts and they also offer alcohol. Prices range from 500 to 1500 yen.

    If you want to try something unique to Japanese school themes then get a taste of Kyushoku here! Check their website out to get a coupon as well!

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