• Are you an electronic enthusiast? An anime lover perhaps?How about a gamer or a gadget buffs? Lo and behold! Akihabara is the right place for you!! This is considered to be an electronic wonderland by many locals and foreigners. They flock here to see and experience what’s the latest talk of the town gadgets, machines, and other electrical items such as household appliances from larger machines to small parts at reasonable prices, but more than that they offer something new to experience like Maid cafés.

    Before anything else do you know that Akihabara is situated at the eastern side of the central Chiyoda ward of Tokyo? It is derived from the word Akibagahara which means 秋葉が原 autumn leaf field. Akihabara (秋葉原) is also called Akiba named after a former local shrine.


    Hundreds of electronic shops are blooming, from big to small stores specifying in a particular electronic component, to large electronics retailers. They have almost everything you need, such as the newest and hi-tech computers, laptops, televisions, cameras, mobile phones, electronics parts and home appliances, even secondhand goods and electronic junks are available here!


    Anime culture in Japan is rapidly growing nonstop, no wonder that one of the biggest Anime and Otaku related shops can be found here! Otaku is a Japanese slang word which means geek. If you are an Otaku or manga, retro video games, figurines, card games and other collectibles lover you don’t need to go anywhere else because everything is here for you! You will be definitely attracted during your unexpected encounters with Anime-related goods coming into your sight one after another.


    “Welcome home, master!”
    “okaerinasaimase goshujin sama!”

    Yes! You read it right! These (kawaii) cute waitresses will welcome you like that along with their charming smiles. Instead of normal waitresses you see in a typical restaurants or cafes here you will see unique dressed up like a french maid costume dolls waitresses. They act like maids and some like anime characters treating you like the Master of the house. Don’t be surprised if some will even spoon-feed you like a typical Master and they will act like your beloved attentive servants. All you have to do is relax and they will do as you order! Indeed it is something new to experience!

    At the end

    Let’s not forget to put AKIHABARA in one of our travel bucket lists, as it’s always good to explore something new. Always remember, the best experience is worth everything!


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