One-Punch Man Episode 1: Is It Really All It’s Hyped Up to Be?

  • One-Punch Man is one of the most hyped anime series in Japan this fall 2015. As the name suggests, this is the story of a young man, Saitama, who has trained himself to be so strong that he could defeat anyone with just a punch. The series is still ongoing in its original webcomic form created by ONE. There is also a manga version by Yusuke Murata which is a better-illustrated version of the webcomic.

    I have watched a short video clip of a scene in One-Punch Man which was supposed to be funny, but it didn’t tickle my funnybone so I decided not to watch the series until constant rave by many people on the Internet convinced me to do something. I was undecided as to whether to watch the anime or the read the manga by Murata. Usually, I would prefer reading the manga but I felt lazy so I watched an episode instead.

    The Episode

    The episode starts with an explosion and the appearance of a character that looks very much like Piccolo from the Dragon Ball series.

    There is also a crab-like character and I have an inkling that it is also a dupe of a character in another series as Saitama mentions that the crab looks like a villain in an anime he used to watch. Does anybody know who it is?

    Let’s talk about the main character, Saitama. He went bald from training too hard and now lacks zest in his life as his opponents are so easily defeated that he finds it boring (hence his constant emotionless expression). Thus, he aspires to find stronger opponents who could ignite his passion and emotions. Perhaps in later episodes, he won’t be One-Punch Man anymore.


    I found the first episode a little slow in pace. Some parts seemed to drag such as when Saitama fought with many creatures. That part could definitely be cut short. This anime is supposed to be funny, but I don’t really find it funny. The only funny part for me was when a giant villain accidentally killed his brother instead of Saitama when he hit the wrong side of his shoulder.

    My verdict? I would rate the episode 5 out of 10. It seems like a typical shonen anime at this point. I didn’t find it enjoyable enough for me to watch more episodes, but I will do that since it is pretty unfair to judge a whole series from just one episode. I will watch a few episodes more and I might switch to the manga instead if I can’t stand the slow pacing.

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