On a Budget? 4 Places To Have a 500 Yen Lunch in Shimbashi!

  • Lunch is an essential part of our daily lives that keeps us going through the day. But not many office workers and students are willing to cash out big amounts on one meal. Luckily there are many food establishments nowadays that cater to the budget of such people offering the “One Coin Lunch”.

    One Coin Lunch (ワンコインランチ)

    Basically, “One Coin Lunch” is a full meal you can get for 500 Yen which is indeed affordable. You can also get food for just 500 Yen or less at other places like convenience stores or even supermarkets, but One Coin Lunch is great alternative for busy people who want to have a freshly cooked, decent meal and avoid fast food chains.

    One Coin Lunches In Shimbashi

    Shimbashi is a neighborhood which is filled with office workers and salarymen. Because of that, many establishments in the area offer lunches for 500 Yen or even less. There are many options to choose from, but check some of them below!

    1. Yakiniku Aburiya Shuenten (焼き肉炙りや秀苑天)

    Yakiniku Aburiya Shuenten offers daily changing menus with two meal choices for 500 yen. They also offer other yakiniku dishes at varying prices aside from one coin lunch sets, and you can have your rice upgraded to Omori(large size) for free.


    2. Hakata Mangetsu (博多満月)

    Hakata Mangetsu is a bar that offers one coin lunch sets during the day. You get to pick one main dish from their menu and have side food such as rice, miso soup, curry, udon and more, all of which are “tabe houdai” or all-you-can-eat. You can also opt for extra food options for a small additional price. The only difference that sets Hakata Mangetsu apart from other places is that all the food, except for the main dish, are self-served.


    3. Ramen Sankichi (らーめん三吉)

    If you’re craving some noodles for lunch then Ramen Sankichi is the place to go. This place offers a variety of soba and udon for less than 500 yen. They also serve ramen and 3 pieces of gyouza set meal for 500 yen!


    4. Unatoto (宇奈とと)

    Unatoto offers one coin Unadon (rice bowl topped with baked eel). Unagi(or fresh water eel) is an expensive fish making it somewhat of a luxury for the common worker. But luckily, Unatoto brings customers decent unagi meals that are just right for their budget.


    There are so many establishments in Shinbashi that we couldn’t possibly list them all in one sit. But if you ever drop by this area, make sure to check some of the establishments listed above. And feel free to check other places around to see if you can find yourself an affordable one-coin lunch!

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