The Most Beautiful AKB48 Members: Did Your Favorites Make this List?

  • I have to admit that I am not an AKB48 fan. I know that their music videos can be confusing and it is unlikely that you would be able to recognize the many different members in their videos unless you are a true AKB48 follower. As I have a hard time picking out each girl in their videos, these girls are probably the prettiest members of AKB48, judging by their photos only.

    In no specific order:

    1. Iriyama Anna (入山杏奈)

    Her name and her looks seem to suggest mix ancestry, but she is 100% Japanese. She even sometimes purposefully includes some English words in her speech so people would be misled into thinking that she has some European blood in her.

    2. Kojima Haruna (小嶋陽菜)

    Apparently, she was kicked out of school at 16 due to her participation in the entertainment industry. Her full lips are mesmerizing to many men.

    3. Watanabe Mayu (渡辺 麻友)

    She is nicknamed “CG” or “Cyborg” due to her appearance which is said to be like a perfect idol. She does look really pretty like a CG animated character. I actually think she is the prettiest member of AKB48.

    4. Shimazaki Haruka (島崎遥香)

    Haruka is one of the more popular members of AKB48. She is called “Ponkotsu” due to her clumsy nature. Her first photo book will be released on 20th November 2015. Due to her beauty, she was ranked 56th in the 24th Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces for 2013. She is known for giving the cold shoulder or “salty treatment” to fans.

    5. Itano Tomomi (板野友美)

    She has a cute, bubbly look which seems like a cross between Amanda Seyfried and Goo Hara from the K-pop group KARA. She was a former AKB48 who is now pursuing a solo career.

    6. Kashiwagi Yuki (柏木由紀)

    She is known as AKB’s Gravure Queen as she does gravure shoots often. She is teased for her long neck and thus, is called “Yu-Kirin”, a play on her first name (Yuki) and the Japanese word for giraffe (kirin). She is, however, afraid of animals.

    Do you agree with my picks? I may have overlooked some of the other pretty members. Which AKB48 members do you think are the prettiest?

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