Perfume’s Crazy, Must-See Music Video For ’Laser Beam’!

  • Are you new to the J-pop scene? Or maybe you have heard of a few artists, including Perfume, and are not sure where to start. Well, this is an overview of a music video by Perfume, for their song entitled Laser Beam. And it is quite something!

    The video starts with a man carrying a briefcase. Yup, nothing special here.

    Then, we are shown the 3 Perfume girls dancing and singing while occasionally firing laser beams. Totally normal.

    The man carrying the briefcase seems to have fabulous fashion sense. Hey man, that color paper foil on the face is definitely going to be a runway trend one day.

    The girls continue dancing and singing till they realize it was time to face the vogue villain. They proceed to meet the man in a room for a fight. It seems like the girls want the briefcase so the man holds onto it tightly.

    One of the girls uses an attack pose that seems like a Kame Hame Ha but what came out of her palms instead was a mini-version of herself which blasted laser beams through her mini index fingers. Why didn’t she just blast bigger laser beams using her life-sized fingers?

    He fell, but that was not enough to defeat him! He began to show his true power, by morphing into a polar bear!

    How can the Perfume girls defeat him now? By taking an apple which was presumably kept for lunch and rolling it towards the polar bear to serve as a distraction!

    The distraction tactic works like a charm! The polar bear happily munches on the apple while ignoring Perfume, who were taking their own sweet time performing their power ranger moves to create a combination chi ball.

    The chi ball is thrown at the polar bear who squirms and is turned into… you guessed it, a tiny polar bear plush toy! How predictable! I bet you saw this coming!

    No one could resist how cute the plush toy was so one of the girls took it with her. The briefcase they got was then opened to reveal its contents. I don’t know what that gold item actually is, though. Any ideas?

    Finally, to celebrate their success, the girls gave a winning pose!

    Quite the interesting storyline, don’t you think?

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