Quick and Accurate! All About the Home Delivery Service You’ll Definitely Want to Use in Japan!

  • Imagine a life without delivery service these days. Japan’s particular type of service, takuhaibin, or takuhai, has indeed revolutionized their delivery services such that it has become part of Japanese daily life. Takuhai offers probably the most convenient delivery options that anyone could ever ask for whether it be groceries or delicacies.

    The Perks of Using Takuhaibin

    This service can deliver almost any item that you need from moving cumbersome luggage to another location to delivering broken household appliances to the repair shop, picking up groceries from the supermarket, and sending a package overseas.

    There are only two steps in sending a package: filling out the form with the necessary information and paying the fees on the internet or via cash-on-delivery. The customer can request their package to be delivered at the most convenient time. The client can reschedule a delivery time in case he or she misses the delivery driver by using fuzai denpyo (failure of delivery notice).

    The History of Takuhaibin

    In 1976, takuhaibin mainly functioned as an office delivery service which also catered to non-business clients. During this period, serviceable areas were only limited to the Kanto region with one company only receiving 11 delivery requests during the early days of the business. Then, the demand quickly grew as more firms joined the market. This marked a new era for takuhaibin as it continued to change the face of delivery service. By the 1980s, national highway systems and better infrastructure were developed facilitating the takuhai delivery service to send parcels quickly where you now have what is called next-day-delivery service.

    As Japan Post became privatized, it became part of the takuhaibin market in 2007. At this time, the delivery service has expanded to domestic and overseas areas. Today, Yamato Transport offers a free 90-minute tour for visitors in English and Chinese in which the company shows how the takuhai system operates at the terminal. Convenience stores have also taken part in the takuhai delivery services providing 24-hour pick-up and drop-off points for customers running errands. This effectively incorporated takuhaibin into every day life.

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