The Terrifying Natto Part 3

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  • As suggested in the first part of this column, natto can be practically eaten in any way you like. A bit unusual but practiced by many is eating natto with your miso soup. Just add the ready mixed natto directly into the soup bowl before eating. If you really like natto, you can add it to curry rice, use it as a pizza topping… Maybe you have already found another way yourself?
    Just try not to cook natto as it might loose all the good nutrients after treated with heat.

    How much natto is too much?

    In general everything should be enjoyed in balanced quantities. It is okay to indulge in natto three times a day with every meal. More than that should not affect your health badly, but it might give your stomach extra work when digesting due to the high amount of protein and fiber natto contains.

    Natto’s popularity

    As Japan does with practically any kind of food, natto too has had characters promoting it in the past.
    There has been a feature where NHK’s Domo-kun is wrapped in traditional natto covering.

    Natto character 1

    Okamechan is another cute character from Okame natto (takano foods) the market leader in natto sales.

    Natto character 2

    There have been many Hello Kitty natto versions, some of the straps are sold only in Ibaraki prefecture.

    Natto character 3

    With a natto bean on its forehead, this Kewpie natto strap is stealing our hearts away.

    Natto character 4

    And the final character: Kapibara!

    Natto character 5

    Natto goods

    Natto character 6

    Natto character 7

    Being famous for having moonstruck inventions and merchandise, Japan does not lack of other bizarre natto related goods.
    Starting with these rather harmless containers, made exclusively for natto, there are also these combined chopsticks, for easy natto mixing.

    We then go on into the spa area, where natto soap and natto bath salt are waiting.

    Natto character 8

    In the end, there is even a natto society, which homepage offers even a natto horoscope and an English recipe how to home-brew natto.

    Stirring natto

    What happens, if you stir natto 10000 times?
    People believe, the more often you mix one pack of natto, the more delicious it gets.
    Tests have shown, that even if you stir it 10000 times, the taste stays as delicious as when stirred a “normal” amount of times.
    Check out what really happens here: