Trouble in Sendai? Look to SenTIA for Help!

  • Are you having difficulty communicating in the Japanese language? Need an interpreter to help you with procedures or administrative matters at the City Hall? Are you looking for a Japanese language class to support your daily life? Or do you need a volunteer to teach your kids before entering Japanese school? So, at Sendai, Japan you are lucky because SenTIA has excellent facilities to help you when you need it.

    From SIRA to SenTIA


    SenTIA is a short form for Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association or previously known as Sendai International Center (SIRA). SIRA was established on 1st October 1990 as an organization for international exchange in Sendai. On September 21, 1991, SIRA opened to the public and on 1st April 2015, SIRA merged with Sendai Tourism and Convention Bureau (STCB) and is currently known as SenTIA.

    If you Need an Interpreter


    If you need an interpreter to help you in filling out forms in Japanese, you can ask help from SenTIA. Or if you need a volunteer as an interpreter in order to help you with the procedures or administrative matters at City Hall you also can request support from SenTIA. Normally, you just need to pay for the volunteers’ transportation expenses. I have my friend who asks for a volunteer as an interpreter for his to register his children at Japanese School. If you need information about daily life or the best places to visit in Sendai, you also can contact SenTIA over the phone. They also provide an interpretation service by using three-way telephone conversation. Their friendly staff can interpret between Japanese and English, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Portuguese and Vietnamese. You can contact 022-244-1919 (hotline) from 9:00 am – 20:00 pm daily except on December 29, to January.

    Life in Sendai


    At SenTIA, you also can get information on daily life in Sendai. For instance, procedures to living in Sendai such as a residency management system, welfare for foreign residents, hospitals and clinics information, transportation services and also includes information about pregnancy and childbirth. From my experience, since my children don’t have even basic hiragana and katakana skills, in order to prepare them before enrolling in Japanese Elementary School in April 2015, I also got help from SenTIA under the ‘Foreign Residents’ Child Support Group’ program. In order to get know about Japanese culture and also to join Japanese class, you also can contact SenTIA. If you want to get more detailed information about services provided by SenTIA, you can visit their informative website.


    You can get there by taxi or bus from Sendai Station. The trip takes about 10 minutes by bus or just only 4 minutes by subway from Sendai Station. So, if you need information about daily life in Sendai, I would recommend you to visit SenTIA.

    Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association

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