Tasty or Tasteless? Attempt this Eye-catching Blue Curry!

  • Blue is a rare color in food. While red stimulates appetite, the color blue works as an appetite suppressant as it is unappetizing to have it in food, especially savory ones. Imagine blue spaghetti. Gross, isn’t it? So here’s a tip: If you want to lose weight, color your food blue, like this blue curry at Nico Nico HQ Cafe. Alternatively, you can try wearing sunglasses with blue lens while viewing and eating your food.

    The blue curry looks like thick blue paint and is said to lack in both taste and smell. In my opinion, it does not look tasty but it is not disgusting-looking either. The color blue is said to affect us psychologically and tricks us into thinking that the food would not be delicious. It is just a way to fool our taste buds and make the food taste milder to us. However, I think that the curry is also purposefully made to be much milder in taste and smell even without the addition of the blue color.

    Another popular specialty you can try when you are at Nico Nico HQ Café is the Russian Roulette drink shots in which you would be given 3 shots of drinks. One of the drinks would taste disgusting which is meant as a punishment to losers in games so it is a game of chance. These shots are usually ordered by groups. You can play party games or a simple game of janken (rock-paper-scissors) and let the loser choose the drink last. You can also order only the disgusting drink alone instead of a set of 3 if you wish.

    This curry still seems edible unlike the poop-flavored curry at Curry Shop Shimizu. I am all gamed to try the curry as it is said to taste pretty decent. I think I will skip the disgusting shot.

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