Find Your Naruto Counterpart! Which Character Are You?

  • Ever wonder how the Naruto characters would resemble people’s personalities in real life? Why not check here and see who you and your friends most relate to? Of course, you can’t expect the real people in your life to be ninjas…

    Uzumaki Naruto

    You are the class clown and you probably like to sit at the back row of the class so you can talk while not being obvious to your teachers. Sometimes, you may be annoying to your classmates as you would occasionally disrupt the class or make silly jokes which are actually not funny just so you can get attention. Your voice is loud and people from the next class can hear you. You should tone it down a little to respect your teachers.

    Hyuuga Neji

    You are a cynic and despite your high achievements, you are still unsatisfied and always see the negative in everything. You know too much, and hence, are disappointed with how the world works. You know that life is unfair no matter how you look at it. Due to your cynical nature and realistic view of the world, you are more likely to choose traditionally secure, high-paying jobs such as doctor, lawyer or engineer. You are probably an atheist. Even if you do have a religion, you question your religion often and you would not be a devout follower. People may find you annoying for your know-it-all attitude. You need to be more respectful of other people’s beliefs.

    Nara Shikamaru

    You are the lazy genius. You may not score well in exams due to your laziness in studying, but your brilliance is known to your teachers and friends. You are good at strategy games like DOTA and people rely on you to fix their computers or solve other practical problems. Despite your intellect, you are humble and do not show off at all. You are a very down-to-earth person and people think you are a really cool and relaxed friend.


    You are the emo goth. You just hate humans as a whole and think that they should suffer as much as you do as it is unfair that only you have to suffer so much. You have harbored so much hatred towards many individuals who have mistreated you in the past that you begin to think all humans are essentially evil. People are afraid of you and as a result, you don’t have many friends.

    Hyuuga Hinata

    You are sweet and shy. You may get bullied due to your inability to stand up for yourself and your lack of fierceness. People may even misunderstand you as being arrogant when in actuality you are really just shy. Even if you know the answer for the question asked by your teacher in class, you are too nervous to raise your hand and answer. You tend to see the good in everyone and you are the most caring friend. You are less judgmental than the average person and you may prefer befriending the underdogs in your school as you are one yourself.

    Haruno Sakura

    Like many girls your age, you fancy the handsome guys in school. You also idolize celebrities who are hot and cool at the moment such as G-Dragon and Ian Somerhalder. Asise from that, you are a sucker for romantic dramas. You probably have unrealistic standards for guys and believe that you deserve such a guy. This may seem like harsh advice but seriously, you need a reality check.

    Yamanaka Ino

    You take care of your appearance well and probably own many clothes, a lot of makeup, skincare, haircare, and other cosmetic products. Girls admire and envy your beauty. You are always well-dressed and you probably wear makeup to school. You enjoy doing your beauty ritual instead of finding it a troublesome chore. You are one of the popular girls in school. You may come across as a little selfish. Some people think that you are a bimbo as you don’t score very well in school, but you just don’t think it is worth sacrificing so much time studying as health and beauty are more important to you. Sometimes, you may look down on other people who don’t dress well or look good.

    Uchiha Sasuke

    You are the epitome of the perfect guy in school. You are handsome, smart and rich. Many girls have a crush on you but you are not interested in most of them and you find many of them annoying, especially because they are shallow girls who like you mainly for your looks. Some guys are jealous of you as you are better than them in almost everything and that the girl they are interested in probably likes you. However, some guys like to join your clique because it automatically makes them more popular or at least they get to act like messengers between you and the girls who admire you.

    Akimichi Choji

    You eat a lot and while you are sensitive about your weight and would like to lose some of it, you do not put much effort in exercising and dieting. You find it tiring to do that and keep giving excuses about your current weight. You need to be disciplined and start pushing yourself to work out instead of procrastinating over and over again. You are, however, a sweet and protective friend.

    Rock Lee

    You are one of the students who put a lot of hard work in studying yet does not yield good results in your exams. You feel like you have studied everything, but during and after every exam, you are very nervous and feel like you do not know how to answer most of the questions. Time and time again, you are disappointed and probably cry when you find out your exam results. You just could not believe how other students claim that they study at the last minute yet still score so much better than you do. You begin to believe that they are lying, but the fact is that some people are really just that good at studying. You should probably review your method of studying and learn from the pros in order to score better next time. You may shine in other areas such as sports so do not lose hope.

    Inuzuka Kiba

    You are very rowdy and you are quite a show off as well. You are hot-tempered and get into fights easily. You should be more wary and careful of your impulsive nature as you may be too rash with your words and actions that you hurt the feelings of others even when you do not have such intentions. Yet, you usually don’t realize or understand why people get offended by your words or actions. You should be more sensitive and see things from other people’s perspectives. You don’t like to be led around but sometimes, you need to learn to cooperate and accept the leadership of others.

    Aburame Shino

    You are quiet and mysterious, and it seems like you only care about yourself, but you actually like to secretly observe the people around you and study their behavior! You probably have a secret hobby or some people think that there is something weird about you as you are a loner. Since you don’t stand out much, people might not invite you to parties not because they dislike you but because they forgot about you.

    Hope you enjoyed finding out who you and your friends are in Naruto’s world!

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