5 Captivating and Exciting Japanese Dramas to Watch this Fall 2015

  • Are you interested in Japanese dramas but have no idea what is new or what to watch? Here are 5 of the latest dramas currently airing in Japan:

    1. Siren

    This is a crime, love and suspense drama which is based on the seinen comic series of the same title by mangaka Yamazaki Sayaka. In this drama, Satomi Shinobu and Inokuma Yuki are two detectives assigned to work with each other. They stumbled upon Tachibana Kara who is a beautiful yet mystifying woman at a crime scene. A series of murders then occur and Kara is always found at the crime scenes.

    2. Dokutsu Ojisan

    Dokutsu Ojisan means Cave Man. It is a drama based on the true story of Kazuma Kamura, who ran away from home when he was 13 to escape his abusive parents. He lived alone in a cave deep in the mountains for 43 years. His only companion was a dog and he acquired survival skills such as hunting rabbits, snakes and wild boars.

    3. Designer Baby

    A newborn baby of a famous celebrity couple is kidnapped from a hospital. The baby is only a week old and has to be given water every 3 hours or her life will be in danger. Initially, it seems like the baby was abducted for ransom but the truth is not as simple as it seems.

    4. Otona Joshi

    Nakahara Aki is a woman aged 40 who is attractive and has a successful career. However, she is still single at this age and has had too many disastrous relationships which make her feel hopeless about love. Her two best friends whom she often confides with are also single women. This is a romantic comedy drama about 3 single women in pursuit of love and happiness.

    5. Mutsu: Mieru Me

    Eisuke Tameyori is a physician with a gifted ability to diagnose a person’s condition just by looking at the person. He can also detect individuals who will be committing crimes in the future so he tries to stop them from doing so. He meets Detective Hayase Junichiro and start working with him in solving cases.

    From this list of dramas, I hope you are able to find at least one you are interested in. Do comment on which Japanese dramas you find most exciting this fall!

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