Soak in These 3 Breathtaking Night Views This Winter

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  • If you love enjoying night views, I am sure you would be interested to know more about their location. I personally recommend going to Nagasaki, Kobe and Hakodate, also well known as the “Major Night Views of Japan” to enjoy the spectacular view.

    1. Mt. Inasa, Nagasaki

    When I went to Nagasaki, I knew I had to go there to check out the night views. In order to get there, I took a combination of bus and ropeway from Nagasaki station to reach the summit. However, I heard that currently the ropeway is not operating. The ropeway service resumes in February 2016. Nevertheless, it is still possible to use a bus from Nagasaki station to reach Mt. Inasa.

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    2. Mt. Rokko, Kobe


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    Mt. Rokko is well known for various attractions such as the botanical garden, the music box museum and for hiking as well. There are quite a few observation decks to enjoy the panoramic view of Kobe city, thus usually not super crowded. To reach Mt Rokko, first take the Hankyu train and stop at Rokko station. Next, take by a combination of bus and then ropeway.


    3. Mt. Hakodate, Hakodate


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    Among the three places, I would say that this is my personal favorite. It was winter when I went there, thus it was super cold. I took a tram from Hakodate station to Juijigai tram stop. From there, I walked to the ropeway station. The ropeway station was not far but the short walk there was pretty tricky as the ground was covered with ice. I love walking on snow but never on the slippery ice. From there, just take the ropeway to the summit and enjoy the lovely view.


    Apart from summer, I would advise bringing a jacket along when visiting any of the attractions. Even though it might not be cold during the day, at night, the temperature in the mountain area will be much colder particularly in winter. Lastly, keep in mind that during cloudy days, observing this sight is practically impossible. I wish everyone the best of luck in observing the view.

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