Traditional Japanese Cooking As Taught by the Drama “Osen”

  • “Wait! Let’s take a photo before we eat!”
    Taking a photo of food and uploading it on a social media seems to be a norm for a lot of girls nowadays. The prettier the food or menu looks, the more ‘likes’ we receive. However, as the outsiders, we may not know that the cooking methods behind the kitchen are not as simple as the food looks. This is especially true Japanese cooking. It is not the innovation of the kitchenware that can improve the taste of ingredients, but instead it’s how we cook.

    About Osen

    Osen is a Japanese drama narrating the story of okami (meaning a female proprietor) Handa Sen who strongly believes in traditional cooking style, despite the modern methods she could begin using in her restaurant. When she gets involved in a cooking competition with the host of a TV cooking show, Sakurai-sensei, who puts all leftover ingredients in the microwave to make a dish, Handa Sen chooses to make everything from scratch, included a sauce. According to Osen, even a basic miso soup can be complicated too! Osen showed that good soup is made by selecting a good bean. It requires not only high-quality ingredients but physical effort in the preparation as well.

    What We Can Learn?

    In recent years, we are getting used to the idea of buying instant or easily prepared food from the supermarket due to the busy lifestyle we are living. But what we may not realize is that we are capable of making a lot of delicious Japanese food without any fashionable, expensive cooking tools too. Although we are living in a modern era when technology is designed to help us improve our lives in every aspect, it can be seen through Osen that we are able to create delicious food by remembering and adapting from the old way of living as well.

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