Shirakawa-go, a Winter Wonderland in Japan

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  • Do you know that Japan has an epic site which only gets more beautiful when winter comes? This beautiful land is located in Gifu area, Aichi province and is called Shirakawa-go. This place is famous for the traditional houses called gassho-zukuri that are very old and have a long history. That’s why it is called The Historic Village of Shirakawa-go.

    Traditional house (gassho-zukuri)

    In 1995, this place was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Actually, although this place is very popular during winter, it reveals another kind of beauty when summer and autumn come. The winter wonderland picturesque laststing until April, will change into the beauty of green paddy farms when summer comes, and offer stunning colors when the autumn is around. So to whoever plans to visit Japan, it is highly recommended to visit this wonderful land as well.

    Lush of paddy field and green forest are so tempting during summer

    People can visit this site for just a few hours if they don’t want to stay. 3 hours is enough to go around and see all the beauty. But if you want to stay, gassho-zukuri houses provide accommodation that will give you a memorable experience of traditional Japan, with the price starting from 7000 JPY/night. You don’t have to worry about the food there, because some restaurants are open in the site (The most famous one of them is Soba restaurant). Some souvenir shops are also available if you want to buy something for mementos.

    Walking around the site

    There are many ways to reach the place. But wherever you are coming from (either Tokyo, Osaka, or other cities), the easiest access is from Nagoya. So take a transportation to Nagoya (Shinkansen or Bus) and stop at Nagoya Station. From Nagoya Station you can take JR Takayama Line to Takayama Station. Take a bus from Takayama to Nohi Bus Center for 50 min. Another way is, to take Meitetsu Bus from Nagoya Station directly to Shirakawa-go. The bus trip will take around 3 hours.

    When you come here during the winter, it is recommended for you to bring proper shoes and also umbrella, just in case it snows. Lockers are provided in the site. Please smoke only in the designated area.

    Address: Ogimachi, Shirakawa-mura, Ono district, Gifu
    Phone number: 05769-6-1013