Want that Badass ’Super Saiyan’ Hairstyle? Try Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax!

  • Have you ever fancied the thought of sporting that immaculate ‘Super Saiyan’ hairstyle? With the latest Dragon Ball series installment (Dragon Ball Super) currently sweeping us off with another action-packed series, it’s easy to recall the first time we met Son Goku and friends as they engaged in hardcore battles against the forces of evil to prevent them destroying planet earth.

    Also, when we speak of Dragon Ball, we think of Super Saiyans and their trademark golden hair that are highly capable of staying stiff and great-looking amidst all those ground-breaking, death-defying battles they face.

    Creer Beaute, a Bandai-owned Japanese cosmetic company brought fans of the anime closer to the real thing by releasing the first-ever Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax on 2013. At present, you can still buy this item from trusted online shops such as Amazon.

    The Variety

    The wax came in three different kinds when it was first released:

    Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax 3: Natural
    Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax 5: Hard
    Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax 7: Super Hard

    In a nutshell, you could say that the Natural one is good for those who would want that stiff look without doing much work. Hard is for those who expect to do some action. While Super Hard is perfect for those who engage in some serious physical activities, and as Rocket News termed it ‘advanced-level abuse’.


    You’ll also not get disappointed with the packaging of the wax. It’s placed in a small, orange-colored ball with corresponding star numbers (3, 5, 7), perfectly resembling the prominent dragon balls.

    Who Can Use it?

    Any fans who wish to have that awesome, sturdy hair is welcome to use it. And now that it’s available in Amazon, ordering a piece is just one click away. Professional athletes and stage performers may also find this item very useful for the kind of work they do.

    For cosplayers, fans and anyone who might be curious on just how strong this wax could hold your hair up, then getting one piece now is never too late. Check out reliable online shopping sites or visit the official website of Bandai Premium to inquire about the products availability.

    Now’s a good time to try out this treat! Choose what package you want and add it to your cart!

    Where to Buy?
    Amazon Website
    Bandai Premium Website

    Reference:Dragon Ball Super

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