Feel at home in an Airbnb in Tokyo

  • Airbnb is getting more and more popular among tourists all over the world and t may probably cost more than staying in a hotel but if you want your trip to be a little bit more exciting and with an at home feeling then staying in an Airbnb is a thing to consider. Here are some places that will definitely make you feel at home.

    1.) Harajuku designer apartment, Harajuku/Shibuya

    This place is located only 3 minutes away from Kitasando subway station. It is very close to Harajuku, Shibuya, Omotesando, Meiji Jungu, Shinjuku and other great locations for tourists who want to explore Tokyo. The apartment can fit up to 4 people, so I recommend bringing some of your closest friends or your family.
    Check out the link for more details about the place

    2.) HOUSE – CieRoqJiChu, Kamakura

    If you’re more into nature, then this place is for you. Located in Kita-Kamakura, just 5 minutes away from Kita-Kamakura station. You can either take the Yokusa line or Shōnan-Shinjuku line from Tokyo to the Kamakura area. If you are looking for a relaxing experience then do not miss this special place just an hour away from Tokyo. Quiet atmosphere and fresh air? Who wouldn’t like that?
    Check out the link for more details about the place

    3.) Central Tokyo, Azabu Juban area

    I do not recommend this for tourists who have a budget as it may cost you a lot staying in this place, but it is still worth sharing, nonetheless. For non-tourists like me, who have been living here in Japan for a couple of years, seeing these pictures above, I understand if you get a bit skeptical if the house is really in Japan. I assure you, it is. Located next to Roppongi hills where most of the people go clubbing, staying here for the night (imagine post-graduation party, that sounds like a lot of fun) with your group of friends would not be a bad idea. Who are we kidding here? It would totally be awesome.
    Check out the link for more details about the place

    Make your trip a memorable one with Airbnb. Have a good day.

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