Remnants of Eden: Hiroshima, Japan

  • From generation to generation, many of us have learned about the events which took place during World War I and World War II in school growing up, yet few have had the opportunity to visit the historical battle sites or the cities directly impacted by the war itself. Hiroshima Japan is one such city that has since been transformed in the aftermath by one of the most destructive instruments known to man, the Atomic Bomb. Fast forward over 70 years and what you see may surprise you.

    Hiroshima Japan today is now a booming metropolis with over 2,830,000 inhabitants and 230,000 tourists visits per year. Hiroshima City’s most famous landmark is perhaps Genbaku Dome, also known as the Atomic Bomb Dome, which was the only structure left standing after the atomic bomb exploded overhead 70 years earlier on 6 August 1945 in the closing chapter of World War II.


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    One cannot visit Hiroshima Japan without visiting Peace Memorial Park, located only a few meters from the A-Dome itself and home of the Memorial Cenotaph, Children’s Peace Monument, Peace Bells, Peace Flame, and the Memorial Museum.

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    For an even more in-depth survey of Hiroshima’s accounts of the past, Hiroshima Memorial Museum provides detailed information of the past events, along with first-person testimonies and items recovered and preserved after the blast. The educational information that the museum provides will give you a full insight of both how the people and city of Hiroshima were affected, along with how it has since recovered.


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    Like many cities in Japan, Hiroshima provides a vast amount of history and knowledge for one to learn about.


    I highly encourage individuals to pay a visit here when considering traveling to Japan, due to the tragic events of the past, Hiroshima city itself has transcended into what is now considered a beacon of hope for world peace.

    Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

    Visit Hiroshima Website

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