News Web Easy: A News Website to Improve Your Japanese Skills!

  • “I have studied Japanese for many years, but still do not understand when listening to NHK. What should I do?”

    Does this question sound familiar to you? If your answer is yes, you are not alone. In fact, having learned Japanese for a few years does not mean that we can communicate like a native. Particularly, living in a country where people do not speak Japanese is an obstacle which reduces the chances of practicing.

    news web easy

    Though it can be quite challenging and frustrating when reading news full of kanji, there are a lot of online learning resources that are available for beginners. If you are enrolled in a language school or trying to learn by yourself, here is one of the useful websites to improve your listening skills from beginner to intermediate level.

    What is News Web Easy?

    As a part of NHK, News Web Easy ( is an online platform providing a wide variety of news for those who are looking for something to read even at a beginner level. The website can be freely accessed without the requirement of a subscription. In addition, there is no need to worry about missing any important news from the main resource like NHK because it is constantly updated.

    How can News Web Easy help us practice Japanese?

    It is an ideal news channel for everyone who wants to learn the language since every article consists of kanji, hiragana, and vocabulary. Unlike NHK, for which proficiency in Japanese is required, most of the kanji in News Web Easy are provided with hiragana overtop. The audience is able to read the difficult kanji without the help of Google. Not only kanji and hiragana, but some words are also provided with the meanings also. However, if those meanings are too hard to understand, you can still use Google for a better understanding.

    There is an audio button so that you can listen to the news too! The voice of the narrator is not as fast as normal speed to help beginners understand better. This website is very suitable for everyone because it does help in both listening, and reading skills. Sometimes, I also do a speaking practicing by repeating the audio too! Try it out for yourself and see how your Japanese skills improve!

    News Web Easy

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