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  • If you enjoy visiting museums and art galleries, I recommend you take a trip to the Kagoshima City Museum of Art. While this is by no means the most well-known or most visited museum in Kagoshima, for an art lover it is a top experience. Let’s take a look at what you can find inside this art gallery.

    Museum Building


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    The building itself is an impressive piece of art – perfectly symmetrical with smooth, clean lines, it feels like you are walking into a work of art. Close by to Reimeikan (the Kagoshima Prefectural Museum of Culture) this art gallery is also built upon the ruins of the old Tsurumaru Castle of Kagoshima. The whole area surrounding the foot of Mount Hiroyama has been designated as an area of culture and politics, so its no wonder that you can find so many cultural experiences nearby. The original Kagoshima City Museum of Art was founded in 1954, but a new building replaced it in 1985 to reflect diversifying artistic talents.

    Walking into the museum you will find yourself under the giant glass dome which crowns the entrance lobby. The museum has both permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as an art library and spaces for lectures and workshops.


    There are roughly 2,000 works of art in the Museum’s collection, and while they are mainly from artists of Kagoshima there are also many works of art by European artists. A large section of the paintings by well-known Kagoshima artists are in the Western style. Notable artists include Masayoshi Tokonami, Seiki Kuroda, Takeji Fujishima, Seiji Togo and Goyo Hashiguchi. As for sculptures, Kagoshima artists include Chunosuke Niiro and Teru Ando who made the celebrated statue of Takamori Saigo (a local historical figure) which is located next to the museum. There are also decorative arts on display such as Satsuma cut glass, ceramic art, metal carving and metal casting.

    As for European Arts, there is a diverse variety of works on display by a great many famous artists. There are oil paintings by Impressionist artists (such as Monet, Sisley and Renoir), works by the post-impressionist artist Cezanne, the symbolist Redon and the surrealist Ernst. Other artists include Picasso, Matisse, Dufy, Rodin, and Moore.

    Fees and working hours

    Entry to the museum is 300 Yen for adults, 200 Yen for senior high school and college students, and 150 Yen for elementary and junior high school students. There are discounts for groups of 20 or more and varying prices for special exhibitions. It is open from 9:30 – 6:00 and is closed on Mondays.

    The Kagoshima City Museum of Art isn’t a huge gallery, but it is certainly worth a visit and you are bound to find something there of interest. I was surprised to find so many pieces of European artists in the gallery and particularly liked discovering works by artists I was familiar with. A visit to the Kagoshima City Museum of Art is a well spent hour for any art enthusiast.

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