Escape to Tokyo’s Beautiful Izu Oshima Island for Some Well-Deserved R&R!

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  • Preparing for the holiday but have no idea yet where to go? If you’re coming to Tokyo, why not try a vacation escape in Izu Oshima Island!

    Famous for its active volcano, Mount Mihara, is the beautiful Izu Oshima Island. The Izu islands are located in the Pacific Ocean in the south of Tokyo, and Oshima is the closest at just around 100 kilometers away from Central Tokyo, making it an easily accessible vacation place for tourists.

    The Izu Oshima Island is about 40 kilometers in circumference and there are a number of things you can do and enjoy on this island so read on to know more!

    Geological Strata

    Running between the port of Habu and Motomachi, is an exposed cross section strata that are visible for about a kilometer long beside the main road. Forming a beautiful pattern, there are about 100 layers of rock which are deposited by the eruptions of Mount Mihara.

    Toshiki Coast

    The islands coastline was made by the eruptions of Mount Mihara and Toshiki Coast is one of them. There are natural tide pools in Toshiki and is a popular spot for snorkeling. The rocks here also has a reddish color to it showing a magnificent natural formation.

    Mt. Mihara

    Mount Mihara stands at 758 meters high and occupies the center of the Izu Oshima Island. The most famous sight of the island can also be reached through several hiking trails. There are buses that leave for the Gojinka Skyline every hour.

    Local Oshima Cuisine: Bekko

    One famous local Oshima cuisine, Bekko Sushi, is served at Sushi Kou. Locally caught fish are marinated in locally grown chili pepper and soy sauce turning the dish to an amber color or a turtle shell which is what Bekko means. Sushi Kou also has an outside space where you can eat while viewing the Motomachi harbor.

    Local Hot Spring: Hamanoyu Onsen

    5 minutes by car from Oshima Airport is Hamanoyu Onsen, a public hot spring bath in Motomachi. There is an open-air hot spring where you can view both the Izu Peninsula and Mount Mihara. The open air hot spring is a mixed bath so you’ll need to have swimwear, but it can be rented from the onsen.

    Getting There

    There are two ways to access Izu Oshima Island, which is by air or by sea. You can take an airplane for approximately 30 minutes from Haneda or Chofu airport and about 2 hours by jet ferry from Takeshiba Terminal near JR Hamamatsu Station.

    Visit this beautiful island if you have time and get the local feel of an island adventure you won’t forget!

    For more information, check out the Go Tokyo Website.


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