This AKB48 Member Is Not a Real Human!

  • Aimi Eguchi was once an AKB48 member. She is, however, different from the rest of the members as she is not a real human. She is just a virtual idol created using CGI in which her face is composed of a few AKB48 members’ facial features. Her eyes are from Atsuko Maeda, nose from Tomomi Itano, mouth from Mariko Shinoda, hair and body from Yuko Oshima, outline from Minami Takahashi, and eyebrows from Mayu Watanabe. The result is a beautiful and pretty realistic girl which could fool male fans into falling for her!

    Aimi Eguchi

    In June 2011, Aimi Eguchi was announced as the latest member of AKB48 and was listed on the official profile as being 16 years old being born on 11 February 1995 in Saitama, and her hobbies being track and field sports. This was done in an attempt to convince the public that she was a real member. She also appeared in a photoshoot for Japanese Shueisha’s Weekly Playboy and also on Glico’s television commercial promoting Ice no Mi candies.

    Fans were pretty smart and suspected something as Aimi’s birthday was on February 11, which is the anniversary of Glico company. In addition, each character of the name of Aimi Eguchi in Japanese was the first syllable of the following words: E for Ezaki Glico, Guchi for bite-size, Ai for ice and Mi, well, for Mi.

    A video revealing how Aimi Eguchi was created with CGI composite was revealed. As part of Glico’s promotional event for Ice no Mi, fans could visit the official website of Ice no Mi and create their own composite face using the facial features of their favorite AKB members.

    Some fans might have thought that she was a real member and turned out disappointed upon finding out that she was not a real human! AKB48’s company could probably create and market a virtual idol like Hatsune Miku, but made the idol resemble a human as much as possible instead!

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