Get Your Burger Fix at Shake Shack Tokyo!

  • A Shake Shack in Tokyo? No, this is not another infamous earthquake warning, but a very welcome import restaurant franchise from the United States. Burger fanatics and milkshake lovers in Tokyo rejoice as they now have their very own Shake Shack in their backyard. A well-known sight in the streets of New York – as seen in multiple movies and TV shows, this gastronomic burger and milkshake palace has finally come to our neck of the woods.

    Lining Up for Shake Shack’s Burgers

    The grand opening on Friday the Thirteenth of November 2015, despite being an auspicious date was quite lucky for the franchise who can now proudly add the Tokyo location to their storied franchise. Over 400 people lined up in the autumn tree lined streets of Aoyama way before the 11 am opening time. Some excited customers even resorted to camping out overnight just to be the first in line for the store’s yummy offerings. The patient ones were entertained with signs, picture opportunities, and even a brass band for all their efforts!

    Burgers, Shakes and More

    Located near Tokyo’s Meiji Jingu Gaien Park in the center of Tokyo, this first branch in the Asian continent has plenty of seating space, including an outdoor terrace with gorgeous views, and can seat up to 60 people inside, a rarity in Tokyo’s space lacking environment. Like its American counterpart, it serves their signature Shack Burger with Shack Sauce, and Smoke Shack (bacon burger), along with the ever popular Shack-cago Dog (hot dog). As an added bonus, they will also be serving California’s Napa Valley red and white wines along with their Shackmeister ales!

    Pièce de resistance, however, is their signature thick milkshakes and frozen custards, which in Japan will come in seasonal flavours as their Shake of the Week. Mouth watering matcha, kinako frozen custard, yuzu toppings and my all time favorite, black sesame flavored milkshake will be available for your dining pleasure.

    So hurry up and get down to Aoyama to get your shake on, you won’t regret it! Itadakimasu (‘have a good meal’ in Japanese)!

    Click here for their official website.

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