Want a Healthier Burger Option? Try Freshness Burger!

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  • Japan always strives to make the freshest food possible. Many food chains compete for fresh, seasonal cuisines with the least calorie intake. A burger chain which is popular for this and has been operating since 1992 is known as “Freshness Burger.” It was founded by Mikio Kurihara.

    The First Freshness Burger

    The first idea for Freshness Burger came about in the Tomigaya area of Komaba, Tokyo University. It so happened that Mikio saw an old house for rent. He took the chance and put up a hamburger shop, using methods similar to how he knew burgers were prepared at shops in Tennessee. The philosophy was to serve burgers to customers with the highest quality and made fresh to order. Burgers were presented the simple way with fresh ingredients.

    A Principle on the Quality of Food

    All of the dishes on the Freshness Burger menu are fresh to order, delicious and healthy foods. Vegetables are freshly picked from farms and the beef patties are regarded as safe. A unique ingredient used in the buns is pumpkin, which make them look naturally yellow. More often, burgers come with fries. Freshness Burger fries come from the Freshness Farm in Hokkaido. Most drink items are organic such as coffee and tea.

    Since the company aims to let customers enjoy fresh and healthy vegetables, they have to stick to traditional style. It does take more time but enhances the quality of food. Nevertheless, the company always strives to sincerely serve the customers.

    The Menu

    Freshness Burger has an array of foods that make up nine categories: classic burger, vegetable burger, hamburger, hot dog, side order, dessert, hot drink, cold drink and set menus. Set menus can be purchased depending on the time of the day: Morning Set, Lunch Combo, and Cake Set.

    If you want to enjoy your burger while going organic then you should head to Freshness Burger!

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