Learn about the oldest ongoing hereditary monarchy in the world!!

  • It is extremely important to learn about the culture before and when you come to Japan. This topic is about the Imperial family in Japan which is highly recommended to know about at least a little bit. The Imperial family is very important because it has been a part of Japan for hundreds of years. In fact, according to the mythology, the first Japanese emperor was Jimmu in the year 660 BC and all the emperors came from the same family. Even if some people don’t believe in mythology, it is a fact that the family has been ruling for over 1,500 years!
    Even though the family currently doesn’t have any power in politics, it has a highly symbolic role and it gives crucial pieces of advice to the Japanese people. Indeed, the family is currently the oldest continuing hereditary monarchy in the world. The family performs many Shinto ceremonies and participates in plenty of events through Japan.

    The emperor’s residence

    Japanese emperor 1

    The official residence of the family is Tokyo Imperial Palace located in Chiyoda area of Tokyo. It is highly recommended to visit it if it’s open as it is easy to find (near Tokyo station) and it is also very beautiful as if it was built on an old Edo Castle site. There is a wonderful garden inside!

    emperor’s residence Access

    The current Emperor and Empress

    The emperor is named Akihito and he has been the 125th emperor of Japan since 1989! Traditionally, the emperor’s birthday is a national holiday, it is currently the 23rd of December. He is married to the Empress Michiko and they are both considered wise and the good advice givers by the Japanese people.

    The future emperor of Japan

    It might be the eldest son of the current Emperor; Naruhito. He is also an important person as he carries out representative duties not only in but also outside of Japan as well.

    Japanese Imperial Seal

    Japanese emperor 4