Experience Traditions of all the 47 Japanese Prefectures in the Heart of Tokyo

  • 47 prefectures make up the beautiful Land of the Rising Sun. Getting to travel to each and every one and experiencing local delicacies and traditions is surely a dream for many people. But having the time and financial capacity to provide for that dream does not come easy.


    But don’t worry! If you can’t afford to put out the time and money, you can opt to experience what these prefectures have to offer once a year right in the heart of Tokyo. Read on to find out what the event is all about and what you can expect when you go here!

    Furusato Matsuri Tokyo


    The Furusato Matsuri Tokyo is a yearly event held in January that runs for ten days and takes place in none other than the Tokyo Dome! The event houses more than 300 stores from all over Japan featuring local dishes that are usually sold only in a particular area.

    Aside from having a good taste of the various local specialties available, you’ll also get to learn a bit of the history and origins of these products right from the locals themselves. There are also specialty “don” and “bento” which you can try as well! But here at the Furusato Matsuri Tokyo, food is not the only thing to enjoy.

    Experience Nationwide Festivals!


    Another reason to go to the Furusato Matsuri Tokyo is also because of the number of traditional festival recreations that have gathered from all over Japan which you can watch in just one place. Be amazed at the beautiful performances like the Tenkuu no Fuyajou from Akita Prefecture or the Shanshan Matsuri from Tottori Prefecture.


    There are so many things you can do and experience at Furusato Matsuri Tokyo. It brings the prefectures of Japan closer to people who are living in or near the vicinity of Tokyo. The next event will be taking place soon from January 8th-17th, 2016. Check out their official website(only in Japanese) for further details and ticket prices.

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