Shu Uemura Cosmetics: Legendary Eye-Pleasing Beauty Products for 55 Years

  • Cosmetics are very important care substances used to enhance a person’s beauty. This is the reason why women tend to splurge on these items. There are so many beauty products widely available nowadays.

    In Japan, a legendary Japanese make-up artist has been breaking the boundaries of beauty creation for over 50 years. He’s popularly known as Shu Uemura.

    Shu Uemura’s Career

    Shu Uemura is a native in Tokyo who first became interested in makeup and hair styling when he was just a teenager. With this passion, he enrolled at Tokyo Beauty Academy wherein he was the only male in a group of 120 students. It never stopped him from achieving his goal. In the year 1955, he started working as a film makeup artist for Hollywood. Then came a time in 1964 when he transformed Shirley MacLaine, a Caucasian, into a Japanese geisha. He gained critical acclaim and praises both from the filmmakers and the cast members. He soon became a favorite Hollywood makeup artist.

    The First Cosmetic Product

    Shu Uemura’s first cosmetic product was launched in the year 1960. It was a cleansing oil which left the skin cleaner than any soap. It also acted as a moisturizer. With this, he developed a principle that “beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin.” He steeped into the tradition that quality skin care is essential to creating artistic makeup expressions. He greatly believed in enhancing the beauty of the subject through a natural way.

    Shu Uemura Cosmetics

    Upon returning to Japan, Shu Uemura opened his school, Shu Uemura Makeup School. He taught his students the technique he learned from Hollywood. In 1967, he founded his first cosmetic company, Japan Makeup. Later on, he officially changed its name to Shu Uemura Cosmetics. At this time in Japan, the economy was booming and people were very much interested in trying Western products. It was a great advantage for the company that it continued to flourish.

    Despite Shu Uemura’s death due to pneumonia, his company is still growing up to the present day. So if you’re on the lookout for cosmetics aiming for the highest standard of beauty, you should visit Shu Uemura Cosmetics’ shop in Japan.

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