The Most Dynamic Whirlpools in the World! Where In Japan Can You Find Them?

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  • The Naruto no Uzushio(鳴門の渦潮), also known as the Naruto whirlpools, are located under the Onaruto Bridge. Passing through the Naruto Strait, from the Awaji Island toward the town of Tokushima, you’ll notice the Naruto whirlpool beneath the bridge.


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    It is the fastest tidal current in Japan and the fourth fastest in the world. Tidal currents are the cause of the whirlpools at the Naruto Straits. The tide flows in and out because of the gravitational impact of the moon and the sun on the sea. As the earth turns on its axis every day, the high tide alternates with the ebb tide twice per day, making every cycle around 6 hours in length.

    How to See Them
    Boat tour for the Naruto Whirlpools

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    There are two alternative ways to view the Naruto whirlpools. One is the observation gallery (also known as the Uzunomichi Walkway) just under the bridge and another is by taking the a boat tour. The Naruto whirlpools have a high and low tide every day. It’s advised to check the tide table on the internet before going so that you can enjoy the fastest current and avoid disappointment.

    From the observation gallery

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    You can also visit Onaruto Bridge Crossing Memorial Hall. It is a facility with games and attractions that explain how the whirlpools and the Onaruto Bridge mechanism work.

    To acces the Naruto whirlpool, you can either take the local bus from JR Naruto Station or JR Tokushima Station to the Naruto-koen bus stop. The bus’s trip frequency is limited, so be sure to check the bus timetable before going to avoid wasting time waiting for the bus.

    If you’re driving to the Uzu-no-michi walkway, unfortunately it doesn’t provide any parking facilities. It’s advised to use the parking lot in Naruto Park nearby.

    Tokushima Tourism Site

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