Japan’s Famous Kawaii Phenomenon Is Now Also In the Philippines!

  • As you may know, the popularization of “kawaii” culture is credited to Harujuku, Tokyo, Japan. Did you know that Kawaii Lifestyle is also being promoted in the Philippines with the help of Kawaii Philippines?

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    What Does Kawaii Mean?

    The term “kawaii” in Japan means “cute” or “adorable”. However, over time it has changed somewhat and has now evolved into a lifestyle. We have different subcultures under kawaii like Lolita, Gyaru, Cult Party Kei, Scary Kawaii, Shironuri Style, Traditional Kawaii, etc. Kawaii culture spread throughout the whole world with the help of Sebastian Masuda of 6% Doki Doki and by none other than J-Pop artist and Harajuku ambassador, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

    What is Kawaii Philippines ?
    Kawaii PH team with Tricia Gosingtian

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    As Kawaii Philippines proudly says in their very fist book: “Beyond The Cutest Dreams”, they are not just a group, not just a community but also a movement. The team behind Kawaii Philippines has been advocating for “kawaii empowerment”. They help fellow kawaii dreamers to be confident with themselves. They also promote overflowing positivity!

    The Humble beginnings of Kawaii Philippines

    Kawaii Philippines started by two dreamers in Tokyo and Manila named Kaila and Anne. They started dreaming that it would be nice to have kawaii festivals in the Philippines just like the festivals being held in Japan. When Kaila returned to the Philippines from Japan, she shared her initial plans to start a kawaii festival with her friends. One of the group’s first projects was organizing an album launch for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu locally! After said launch, intensive planning was held to finally hold the first ever kawaii lifestyle workshop in the Philippines called “Kawaii in Manila”.

    “Kawaii in Manila” lifestyle workshop and convention
    Seishun Kakumei

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    Kawaii Philippines held its very first lifestyle workshop for fellow kawaii dreamers last September 14, 2013. It was a fun-filled day with activities and talks. On December 21, 2013, the Kawaii PH team launched its online platform to further promote kawaii culture in the Philippines. The early planning stage for the Kawaii in Manila convention took place in the early months of 2014. As they have noted in their book “Beyond the Cutest Dreams”, the team’s formula is passion, dedication, hard work, careful planning, and execution! Ultimately, their hard work paid off since the second Kawaii in Manila convention held last September 6, 2014 was a success!

    Kawaii PH 1st ever Book Launch: Beyond The Cutest Dreams

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    I wasn’t in my home country when Kawaii in Manila convention was held so I took the chance to experience kawaii culture during Kawaii Philippines’ first ever book launch for “Beyond The Cutest Dreams”! “Beyond The Cutest Dreams” is a product of the team’s hard work in promoting kawaii culture in the Philippines. It also serves as a guide for kawaii dreamers like me.

    Reese Lansangan, one of the core group members, delivered an outstanding singing performance. While a J-Pop cover group called Seishun Kakumei surprised us with their J-Pop dance moves and singing too. After the performances, a Harajuku fashion walk was held. It was a fun night with kawaii culture enthusiasts!

    To get to know more about Kawaii Philippines, don’t forget to check their website and Facebook page!

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